I need a partner for SUNDAY!

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It’s been REAL, it’s been FUN……It’s been REAL FUN!!!! But all REAL FUN things must come to an end unfortunately. Would keep this tour going forever if we could. No words can explain how amazing this run has been, thank you to all the bands and crew who made it possible @dirtyheadsofficial @theaermusic @katastro but most of all thank you to all the beautiful fans whom without none of this would be possible! Last show tonight in San Francisco, what an epic city to be closing out in, see you tonight at the party!!!!! Doors open at 7 pm, get here early!!!! #grateful #pepperdirtyheads2014 #peppersummer2014 #pepperlive 📷: @yesodwilliams

So fashion forward with these chanclas👡 #ootd i 💗 my misfits shirt too everything was on sale😭

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Happy Birthday, Edward Norton!
August 18th, 1969

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| Skate & other stuff | Here 

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Skipity bopity boo I got the paper for you

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