Crying because WANTED 😭 and kaleo💕 I just loveeeee them so much @pepperlive @yesodwilliams #pepperlive #pepperohana (at Shoreline Jam)

My favorite boys!!!!! Not a bad time for show number 5 ✋ 😭💕 @pepperlive @yesodwilliams #pepperlive #pepperohana #boyfriendssssss (at Shoreline Jam)

OHMYDAMN. THEY DID IT AGAIN. I 💗 you kaleo thanks for all the loveeeeeee and the pick, and water and all the attentions and @yesodwilliams for the epic hugz!!!! I love my @pepperlive boyz💕🙌✨ (at Shoreline Jam)

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287:365 | by sweeterchord

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I fucking hope so

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I’m happy for once.



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….i’m going to miss you ya smirky bastard.

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Indian Beach, Cannon Beach, OR

shot with an Olympus OM-1

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